12 Guarding Dogs of Indian Origin | Less Known Indian Dog Breeds.

indian dog breeds

Indian Spitz
JonangiIndian Pariah Dog
Kaikadi DogGull Terrier Dog
Gull Dong DogVikham Sheepdog
Pandikona DogKumaon Mastiff
Mahratta GreyHoundVanjari Hound

1. Chippiparai

dog breeds in india

This Indian Breed is found in the south region of India, where it is used as a home guard or for deer, hare hunting, and wild boar. This Indian breed is found in Single Colour which is a Variant of Hound Dog in Tamil Nadu, which can be seen near the Periyar lake now. The Other variants of Kanni (Other Name of Chippiparai) are available in Black, Black and Tan, and Sand color. Among all the Indian Dog Breeds, it is one of the best Sighthound Indian dog breeds.

This Indian Breed is mostly Fed by Royal Families of Tamil Nadu as it is considered as the sign of Honor and Royalty by Madurai Rulers.

Being a Hound Dog, the height of Chippiparai Ranges in Between 31-38 inches with around 15-20 kg weight. You can get this Royal Indian Dog Breed In-between the price range of 5k-12k with a lifespan of 13-14 yrs. This Dog breed has a littering rate of 4-7 puppies once in a year.  The Chippiparai is a very elegant and gracias dog. Most of the people in tamil-nadu region have this indian breed in their house.

The Chippiparai can be found in different variations in which, the black, Fawn, black-tinged fur, reddish-brown with white markings, Long-curved tail, and Silver Gray is the Standard Variation you can find. And because of its Thin-coat Style, it can easily get detected and can handle hot climates easily. 

2. Jonangi

dog breeds in india

This Indian Dog is found in multiple regions of India including States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal Etc. and it is also known by two different names that are Kolleti Jagilam and Jonangi Jagillam.

Along with this, there are also some regions where this indian dog is found. It has a straight body with smooth and short hair. This breed is mostly used by people for hunting and herding purposes. The Height and weight of this indian dog is around 18-22 inches and 25-39 kgs respectively which makes it perfect for hunting purposes. It’s an powerful dog with strong jaws and legs. 

This Dog is also known for its special Ability to travel longer and For digging. Jonagi has a lifespan of around 14 years and it gives birth to 3-5 puppies in one time. If you are looking for a Family-dog with such abilities then you can get Jonangi for your home. The Price of this indian dog ranges in between 3k-6k.

3. Kaikadi Dog

dog breeds in india

This breed is mostly found in the maharashtra region and its name is referred from a nomadic tribe in india. It is also referred to as terrier dog breed in india. This breed is used for taking care of the hers just like the nomadic life in maharashtra. It can be considered as the perfect watchdog that can be trained easily and can be used for various purposes. This breed can be also used for huntings and it is preferred to keep this breed in open spaces.

The structure of this indian dog breed includes a flat and skinny head with straight. It has tiny ears with curly tails

As it was mentioned above, this indian breed belongs to the terrier group so the height and weight of this indian dog breed is around 25 inches and 18kgs respectively. This indian breed can live for around 14 years with a littering rate of 3-5 puppies. The price of this indian dog varies from 4-7k depending upon the condition of the breed.

You can find this breed in tan, white, and black color. This breed is small in size with thin legs but has very powerful thighs. With a long-head and ears, the breed looks quite attentive.

4. Gull Terrier Dog

small dog breeds in india

This breed belongs to the terrier group which is mostly used for protection and as guardians. This watchdog is very much known for their intense and aggressive nature. Therefore this indian breed is mostly preferred for protection, or as property guardians. Because of its nature, this indian dog breed is considered as the most loyal dog breed. 

Even the breed is quite familiar and easy with the childrens of the family. However, it is not safe to leave children or people who are not part of the family. The aggressiveness of this indian dog breed is mostly for the intruders or people other than the family. This indian dog breed is quite broad and large in size. It has around 22 inches height and 29 kgs weight. Because of its robust and compact structure, the breed is quite fast and agile. It has a lifespan of around 14 years and with a littering rate of around 6-8 puppies at a time. Because of their nature, this breed is not suitable for kids and old-age people as it requires a good strength to handle these dogs. You can find this breed in varieties of colors. The price range of this indian dog breed varies in between 15k-20k.

5. Gull Dong Dog

small dog breeds in india

This breed is quite known for its strong and tenant nature. It’s quite popular in both India and Pakistan because this breed is the result of the crossbreeding of a Bully Kutta and Gull terrier. It was initially stated in the colonial region of india but however because of its popularity it became quite famous in nearby countries also.

This breed belongs to the terrier group and it is from the bull terrier and bull terrier family. The Bull Terrier was introduced by britishers and it became quite popular with a formation of Bull terrier Club in calcutta, india. In fact, the gull terrier is the mixture of Bull terrier and local breeds. The shape and structure of Gull terrier is quite similar to bull terrier.

After that, the Gull Dong breed was introduced by crossbreeding the Gull terrier and Bully Kutta. It has a robust structure with 18-22 inches height. The effect of the group has been shown on its weight. It weighed around 20-39 kgs and had a lifespan of around 14 years. The littering rate of this breed is around 5-8 puppies at a time and the price varies in between 20k-30k.

6. Pandikona Dog

small dog breeds in india

This Breed belongs to the hound group which is mostly found in Pattikonda taluk-Kurnool District, in Andhra Pradesh region. It’s a hunting Dog with a medium-sized structure. Because of the bad weather of Kurnool district, this region is best suited for this breed. This indian breed can keep self-care and requires very little attention. 

The heavy structure of this Hound breed makes it the best choice to guard homes, Livestock, property, etc. The height of the breed ranges in between 19-26 inches and 35-45 kg weight. The aggressive nature might lead to fights with neighbouring dogs if they try breaking the region. The lifespan of this indian breed is around 15 years and a littering rate of 4-7 puppies at a time.

Dogs in pandikona districts are often seen fighting as it’s a small district and almost every home in the district has 1-3 dogs. It’s quite normal and there are no major injuries. This breed is mostly used for hunting and protecting human family. Pandikona is a rare breed, hence its price is quite variable.

7. Mahratta Greyhound

 indian dog

The Mahratta indian dog breed belongs to the hound group which is quite a rare breed of india. This breed is very less popular in other regions then Maharashtra as this breed looks quite similar to Smooth-coated saluki, which is also known for its speed and strength.

It has a quite muscular body with a fat and strong sighthound. This breed can be seen in bronze and dark blue color. The mahratta breed has a short coat which provides effective protection for different climates and weather conditions.

It’s a medium-sized dog with height of around 22-30 inches and 27-30 kgs weight. This indian dog breed can live upto 14 years and can be used for various coursing dog games. This indian breed is quite rate which affects its price too. However, you need to contact the local dealers to know about the availability and pricing of this breed.

The Mahratta Greyhound belongs to the small dog breeds in india. The enduring speed and high-energy nature of this breed makes it quite efficient to play small and medium-sized games. However, it’s still a question whether Mahratta is a Saluki Descendant or Sighthound of any other area or region. If you are looking for a dog with ability to guard your house or property then the mahratta greyhound can be the best option. This small-dog breed in india is quite popular because of its muscular body.

8. Vanjari Hound (Banjara Hound)

 indian dog

The Vanjari hound is one of the members of the hound group which is mostly known for their muscular body structure and aggressive nature. This breed is mostly found in the rajasthan region. The breed is used for various purposes like hunting, Guarding, herding, etc. by Rajasthan’s vanjari. 

This breed is mostly used by nomads and it is also referred as Aseel in Rajasthan region. Because of various reasons, this breed is at the level of extinction. The structure of this breed is clumsy with 26-28 inches height almost. The weight and lifespan of this indian breed is almost 29 kgs and 25 yrs respectively. Most of the vanjari hounds are found hairless and are the same color. 

As this indian breed belongs to the Hound Group, they are very attentive and alert in nature. As this breed is mostly found with the Nomads, they use it for hunting purposes. For people, who are looking for a dog with activeness and less care then can get this indian breed in the price range of 4k-6k.

9. Kumaon Mastiff

kumaon mastif

The Kumaon Mastiff is known for its strong body and heavy structure. It is considered to be one of the toughest indian dog breeds with a muscular and lean body. The head and neck part of this breed is quite robust. The color of the coat of this breed is mostly brindle which ranges from dark to light shades. You might find some dogs with marks and spots as well. 

However, We can say the Kumaon Mastiff looks kind of the same as old great danes. The height and weight of this breed is around 23-26 inches and 67-81 respectively just like the Danes breed. It has a lifespan of around 10-12 yrs with a littering rate of around 2-5 pups at once. 

The training of these breeds needs to be done very perfectly as it’s very aggressive and impatient by nature. So you have to be careful with it while training. These dogs are mostly used for protection of house or land from intruders. The price of this breed is quite high. You can get this in a price range of around 60k to 120k.

10. Indian Spitz

 indian spitz

Indian Spitz has a very cool look. It is one of the Small dog breeds in India with a soft neck and a medium tail. The eyes of this Indian dog breed are very greenish and bluish. The spitz breeds are kept in cold places. It has Ears protected by hairs like foxes. Their thick hairs protect many parts of the body.  It has a white coat which is 33 cm thick. 

Their tails are a little bit curly and Legs are small as compared to the body. The Head is big and looks cute after hair combing. You can train Indian Spitz easily.it looks like a pomeranian, german spitz and samoyed. As this indian dog breed belongs to small dog breeds in india, it looks very cute and calm. This breed is very familiar and adaptable in nature. You can train this breed easily.

Indian Spitz is friendly with any human being. It is not so expensive when we discuss maintenance and exercise. That’s why  Indian spitz is very popular and adaptable. its color of eyes and color of hair makes it more attractive.

Its height doesn’t vary so much, maybe 16 to 18 inches. The weight of Indian Spitz is between 6 to 20 kg and the life span is 10 to 14 years depending on maintenance. The litter size is maybe 1 to 5 puppies in a year. The Colour may be white, black, or brown. The price depends on the age and color of the dog. It may be 2000 Rs. to 8000 rs. If you are planning for a pet dog. Indian Spitz is really considerable.

11. Vikhan sheepdog

small dog breeds in india

The Vikhan Sheepdog is a working dog that is quite known for its intelligence and aggressive nature. It’s a muscular breed with a large and robust body structure. If you are thinking of getting this breed then make sure to socialize it early as it is quite known for its robust nature. It needs to get familiar first. The shape and size of this breed is quite big. It’s height ranges around 26 inches with bodyweight in-between 24-40 kg.

You can find this breed in different varieties of color with some spots on it. The color or its fur is mostly red, Fawn, black and brown. This breed is also referred to as “Giant Rough Collie” as it’s fur is being used in pakistan. The lifespan of this indian breed is around 11-14 yrs and it has 3-4 littering rates. The price of this indian dog breed ranges in-between 10k -15k.

12. Indian Pariah Dog

indian pariah dog

This indiag dog breed is known for its size and structure. It’s a Medium-sized dog with extremely short hair. It has a two-way fur with software undercoat and coarse upper coat. You can find this indian dog breed in brown color with reddish-brown markings. You might also find shaded coats, solid white or dalmatian-like spotting but very rare in pure breed. However, If you find these colors then it can be because of breeding with modern breeds. 

This Indian dog has height in-between 23-25 inches and 15-30 kg weight. The posture is mostly rectangular with a wedge-shaped head and a muzzle. These dogs have a lifespan of around 10-15 years and the littering rate is approximately 6-9 puppies. You can get this indian dog breed at a price range of 5-6k. This breed is very much active and mostly found playing. You can play various games with it.

This breed has dark brown eyes in almond share with a curly tail. Because of its heavy structure and shape, the Indian pariah dog is considered to be the most healthy and fit dog.

Dogs are Human’s best friends and always the most faith-full living creature on this earth. Many humans love dogs as their family members and most get them as their guards. Here is the list of Most Dangerous Indian Dog Breeds that are used for hunting as well as guarding purposes too.

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