Indian family Culture

Reducing Family Values in Indian Youth

Indian Family Culture

Family is not a single word in India but has the biggest meaning in it. In India, family culture is not new but has the longest history. Family is not just a group of people living together in a single home, but the meaning of family is different in Indian Culture. 

It is a group emotionally connected without any willingness to take anything in return and provide unconditional love to every family member without any discrimination.

From ancient times, India has a culture of Joint family in which Maternal relatives, as well as Paternal Relatives, live together in a house. They live happily and support each other in difficult times. Most think a family is just a group of people living together because of the blood relation, but the family’s reality is different. In actual means, the family is not just a single group of people, but a part of the great body- “Family” in which one is the chief earner for the living of the whole family, and the other is the manager of that income. 

According to many studies, the people living in families are healthier (in terms of mental health) than those who live alone. This is the truth because family not only provides the living for you but also provides you a protective cover that is very strong in the context of physical as well as a mental scenario. . 

From where the world Family is derived:

Family is derived from the Latin word- “FAMILIA” which means-


Indian Society is continuously sharing the feeling of interdependence, collectiveness, and co-operation to all the world. Indian Culture promotes the family culture, which shows care and love to each family member and support whenever the worst situation arrives in their lives.

This is the major reason why Indian Culture is different from Foreign Culture. Indian Culture teaches us to live collectively with love, not just to use for their means.

In mental health situations, Indian Family Culture plays a greater role in the improvement in health. A person living with the family is more mentally healthy than the person who lives alone because family provides greater love and intense care, making your mind and a heart full of happiness. A happy person cannot suffer from any disease. 

In recent times, Family Values are decreasing rapidly, and the Youth of the country is shifting towards the western family culture. They are living alone with their wives and children and keeping their parents away from them. The Culture of Orphanage homes exists in India but is not in the big run. This is because of the sacraments given to the Youth from their childhood, but as the current Youth is adopting the western Culture, they are attracting towards it. 

Role of Family in your life:

Indian Traditional Family

Family is not just a contract to live together but a greater and an unbreakable bond made by hearts.

  • Supportive:

Indian Families are more supportive in comparison to families in other places. They are always ready to support every family member in any phase of life. Indian parents always try to create a safer and happy environment around their children, and children also pay respect and support their parents in their hardest old age times.

  • Sharing of Responsibilities:

In Indian families, parents start to give their children small responsibilities that help build the quality of being a responsible person in life. They teach them how to deal with that responsibility and allow them to apply their common sense and education to accomplish the work. These responsibilities are given to every child of the family to make them ready to deal with the world in the future.

  • Religious:

Adding religious values to their children is another way to teach children. Taking academic knowledge is not enough to live a happier and successful life. You must also have to be religious, making you polite, and making your mind calm to think about plans. Indian Families provide their children with the Art of Devotion, one of the major parts of personality development.

  • Self- Dependence:

Indian Parents show a greater focus on making their children self-reliant and independent. They try to teach each and everything to their children so that he/she can live their life with respect and can work in any place and any situation of life.

This education includes- house management, work management, and all the other activities which are necessary for life

  • Respecting Everyone:

Respecting everyone in this world, even a small ant to the biggest elephant, is taught by Indian Culture. From an early age, children are taught to respect every living being in this world. They were taught how to protect nature and how to make this world beautiful. 

Respecting their elders is one of the major focuses of education in India. 

Family Values that are being forgotten by Today’s Indian Youth:

  • Respecting Parents:

Today in India, the Youth is getting confused and is just running to their success. They forget that the biggest success is waste without the happiness of the family. Whether Society worships the biggest success, but it is waste in the absence of the family. Indian Youth is making the same mistake by ignoring their parents and treating them like strangers. This attitude will make them a successful person in the world. They will be deprived of the real success of making their parents happy. 

  • Spending time with their parents:

In the current times where no one has time to even eat properly in this era, spending time with parents is the biggest challenge for the Youth of India. Many of them spend quality time with their parents in their old age, but a major portion doesn’t want their parents to live with them. 

Indian Culture teaches us to worship our parents as, according to Hindu Mythology, “Parents are the God on this earth and all the world is around them on their feet.”

  • Touching the feet of parents whenever go out for work:

Indian Youth nowadays is forgetting to respect their parents and treating them as their whole. From an early age, children were told to respect their parents and get their blessings by touching their feet and working. Blessings of parents and elders play a very important role in helping you in difficult times. 

  • Accountability towards their parents:

Competing in this competitive environment, Indian Youth is forgetting to uphold their accountability towards their old parents. They focus much on their new family and ignore or go away from their most important family, which makes them capable of handling all things in this world.

  • Not giving any importance to the advice of parents:

Indian Youth nowadays are thinking the valuable advice of their parents as waste and are ignoring them, thinking their mentality is old and is not important in the current scenario. The real reason is their great advice is the honeydew (Amrit) and is very valuable in current times as parents have passed through all the stages and difficult times in their lives.

In India, Dogs are also part of the family and they are Guarding as well as family dogs. Here is the list of Indian Dogs that are nowadays forgotten by everyone and are neglected to be as a pet because of the Foreign Dog Species.

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