indian dog breeds

Top 10 Most Dangerous Indian Dogs | Indian Dog Breeds.

 indian dog breeds

There are various dog breeds across the world, but people mostly prefer pedigree breeds and mostly german and European. There are various people out there who have a pug, saint bernard, Dalmatian, etc. but don’t have any idea about their nature and features. Actually, it can be predicted easily that people mostly buy these dog breeds because of the influence of the media. 

If we talk about India, then you can find various Indian dog breeds that have great features and characteristics. If you haven’t ever thought about this till now then you will never imagine the exotic dog breed you can find in India. If you are a dog lover then you must have a look at these dog breeds in India. Most people in India prefer foreign breeds as they do not know much about the features of the dog and the Indian breeds are mostly neglected. So if you are looking to get a Dog home then you must have a look at these Indian Breeds. You can find here from large to small dog breeds in India

Bakharwal DogBully Kutta
Combai (Indian Terrier)Rajapalayam Dog
Gaddi KuttaMudhol Hound
KanniRampur Greyhound
Bhotia DogHimalayan Bisben Sheepdog

Here is the List Of Best Indian Dog Breed

01. Bakharwal 

dog breeds in india

This Indian breed is raised and brought up by the Bakarwal and Gujjar community in India’s Pir Panjal Range. Being one of the oldest Indian Dog Breeds, it is being used by Police officials to catch militants and also used as a Village protector and Guardian dog in many regions. 

 The Bakharwal Breed looks majestical with its plumy tail and Furry coat. It’s a heavy bone dog whose height ranges in between 24-30 inches and weight in between 30-42 kgs. The appearance of the Bakharwal dog is likely to the Tibetan Mastiffs with mostly White chest and Black toes. The littering rat of this Indian breed is around 3-4 pups once a year. You can get this Indian dog in colors like fawn, Brindle and black, red, white, etc. The Life-Span of Bakhward Breed is between 8-11 yrs. This breed is quite friendly and requires less care. You can get this indian dog breed to guard a house or property.

 Being an Aesthetic breed, the diet of the Bakharwal Breed consists of Vegan food such as Milk rolls, Maize, rice chaff, etc, and even some people also fed them meat too. You can get this Indian breed in between 2k to 6k INR. In the Ladakhi region, You can also observe this breed with a thin furry coat and a small Plumy tail.

02. Bully Kutta

dog breeds in india

Being Known for various names in India, The Bully Dog is a working dog that is being used by army and police officials for hunting and patrolling in the border region of India and Pakistan. This Indian breed is also referred to as Indian and Pakistan Mastiff which is being founded in the 16th century in India. This breed is very common near the India and Pakistan Border region including cities like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, etc.

Talking about the feature of this Indian Dog breed, the Bully Kutta Height and weight ranges in between 28-44 inches and 60-89 kgs respectively. The littering rate of this Indian Dog breed is between 6-8 pups and they have a life-span of around 6-8 yrs. The price of Bully Kutta Ranges in between 5k to 20k which can be found with coat colors such as Fawn, Brindle, Black, red, white, and Harlequin. Because of its aggressive nature, the breed is used by people for hunting and herding purposes also. You need to be very careful with this breed.

The Word Bully Kutta was derived from the Bohli Language which is a combination of Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi, In which Bully means heavily wrinkled and Kutta means dog.

This Indian breed was founded in the Indian Subcontinent and is one of the favorite Indian breeds of people in Thanjavur.

03. Combai (Indian terrier)

dog breeds in india

The Combai also is known as Indian Terrier is one of the endangered Indian Dog Breeds that has been revived by the Dog Lovers across the Tamil Nadu state and now can be found in almost all the states of India. This Indian Dog breed is known for its loyalty and toughness. You can find this Indian Dog Breed in the Hilly region of South India. It is believed that this breed has evolved in the Western Ghats of South India Region. 

This Indian Dog Breed is also referred to as Terrier because of its sharp and balanced features like Gait, Sharp Motions, Squarish Shape, Tail Catch, Facial Structure, and trot Along with this, it’s a Loyal Indian pet with immense intelligence and power. The robust and bulky structure of this indian breed makes it efficient for hunting and protection purposes. It is advised to keep childrens and elders away as it loses its temper very early.

The Combai Indian Breed has a muscular appearance with a double coat on the outer region and an inner coat of Soft fawn with a common black color on Muzzle which gets brown as the dog gets older. The height of this Indian Dog Breed can range between 21-25 inches with around 25-30 kg weight. The price of this Breed ranges between 5k to 9k. The Littering size of this Indian Breed is 5-10 puppies with a lifespan of around 12-15 yrs.

04. RajaPalayam Dog

dog breeds in india

Rajapalayam is a Hound Dog that has quite heavier bones than others however, the other structures like Chest and basic structure are quite similar. This dog needs to be kept with optimum working because of its structure.

This Indian dog breed was initially used for wild boar hunting and its tail has a slight curve at the end. The height and weight of this Indian dog ranges between 25-30 inches and 32-48 Kg respectively. With a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, the littering rate of RajaPalayam is around 5-8 puppies. It costs around 18k-30k because of its precious color. It is mostly in Milk White color with a Golden eye and Pink nose and Just like other White dogs, there are high chances of deafness in this breed.

Because of this precious color, Owens mostly removes the other color puppies from the litter to get a pure white dog. The Gait looks very much similar to the thoroughbred horse. Even the founder of this Indian breed once tried with less pigmentation resulting in an albino dog with a pink nose.

05. Gaddi Kutta 

dog breeds in india

Nowadays, everyone prefers foreign dog breeds. Because the media industry always promotes the American and European country’s dogs. Good Indian breeds were always ignored. While dogs of Indian breeds are always of good quality. They are used a lot in army and espionage operations. We are discussing here gaddi kutta which is one of the important breeds of Indian dogs.  

The life span of Gaddi Kutta is between 8-15 yrs with a littering rate of 5-9 puppies every year. The weight and height of this Indian Breed is between 25-35 inch and 35-45 kgs respectively. It can be bought in the price range of 1.5k to 5k. This indian breed is mostly used to guard groups of ships or yak in himalayan region. Its heavy structure makes it look very dangerous.

Gaddi kutta is found in Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal Himalaya region.  It is also called a Himalayan sheepdog. Because gaddi kutta is mainly used by shepherds. It is quite intelligent and strong enough to save the herds of sheep from the attacks of wild animals. This Indian Dog Breed is quite responsible to make the herd of sheep reach till home  Gaddis (south Asian tribe name)  use it for hunting purposes. Gaddi kutta is found in many colors like strong black, light fawn, reddish, blue, and white. It is one of the best Indian dog breeds. The farmers of Gaddis say that gaddi kutta is very loyal. You can also call it a Bhutia dog. Gaddi kutta is huge in shape, it is quite aggressive according to the situation. If you are planning for a working purpose dog then you can consider Gaddi kutta.

06. Mudhol Hound

dog breeds in india

This Indian Dog Breed is also known as Kathewar Dog, Maratha Hound, and Pashmi Hound. It has a long neck and straight, muscular, and broad back. It has a great structure with straight forelegs, Stretched ribs, and a strong and deep chest. 

Both Mudhol Hound and Caravan hound characteristics are well-defined. They have a large structure with around 22-30 inches height and 22-28 kg weight. The head of this Indian dog breed is quite narrow with a tapering wide muzzle. It has a scissors bite with strong jaws. The Color of the Eye of this Indian breed varies from dark to hazle and is very big in size and shape. As this breed belongs to the hound group, it has a very alert nature which makes it the best choice for guard dogs. People in many area uses this breed to take care of home and family.

This Indian Dog Breed has a life-span of 10 to 15 years and can be bought at a price range of 6k to 8k. It can be found with two different varieties of coats on ears, tail, and legs. One is silky feathering and the other is a fully smooth coat.

07. Kanni

dog breeds in india

This indian dog breed is mostly found in the south indian region and it is one of the rare indigenous Sighthound Indian breeds. This indian dog is referred as kanni because of its black and tan, Black and Sand color variety while the single coloured Variety of this breed is known as Chippiparai.

The Body structure of this Indian Dog is Quite structured with Strong Jaws and a Tucked belly. The eye color of this indian breed is golden in color with medium Size ears and flat in shape. The Curvy Tail makes this dog look quite good. The height and Weight Varies in between 25-29 inches and 16-22 kg respectively. Kanni is one of the members of the hound family. The breed is very much known for its loyalty and love towards the human family.

You might find this Breed quite shy, but when it comes to the security of their masters. This indian breed is extremely loyal and one can easily train. The lifespan of Kanni is around 16 years and their price ranges in between 5k to 12k with a littering rate of around 4-8 puppies.

This Indiag Dog is mostly suitable for people in Village as it requires an temperate climate zone and it cannot survive in a city.

08. Rampur Greyhound

 rampur hound

This breed looks very much the same as the Rhodesian Ridgeback but when we talk about the structure of this indian dog breed then it is quite bigger and more robust than the other greyhounds. But if we compare English greyhound’s and rampur greyhound’s neck then it has a much wider and structured neck. 

However, the body shape is quite similar to other hound breeds in India. The roman bend in this breed makes it quite unique with sharp face cuts. The pendant fashion ears and high-set makes it look very interesting. The body structure of this indian dog breed includes 12-28 inches height with 27-30 kg weight. It has a lifespan of around 13-14 years with 6-9 littering rate. 

Just like our fingers the toes are quite flexible and can be bent backwards to relax. You can get this indian dog breed in varieties of colors that includes brindle, particolor, Mouse-gray,etc, and the price of this breed ranges in between 8k-12k. This indian breed is mostly preferred in grizzle and gray colors, as they can be used in forest for vegetation purposes as they can be hidden easily in daylight. However, Mostly people prefer this indian dog breed in black color.

09. Bhotia Dog (Bhote Kukkar)

bhutia dog

This indian breed is mostly found in the Himalayan region. The breed is mostly used by predators and families in eastern Nepal and kashmir region for protecting a big group of sheeps or yak or as a guardian of the house. However, In Some regions like Tehri garhwal, this breed is also used for hunting purposes. The breed can be found resembling the Tibetan Mastiff, with a large and structured body.

The Bhotia Dog breed has a double-coat that is quite thick and is mostly found in black color with some dots on the toe or in black and tan color. The tail is quite clumsy and curled with small eats that makes it look very interesting. The breed is known by various names like Himalayan Sheepdog, Himalayan mastiff, etc. 

Because of its heavy structure and nature, this breed is used to protect homes and property from intruders. The height and weight of this indian dog breed varies from 26-30 inches and 23-41 kgs respectively. This muscular indian mastiff can live upto 11 yrs with 6-10 pupps littering rate. This breed is mostly found in the mountain region and the double-coat keeps it safe from the cold climate in that region. If you wish to have a heavy-sized dog then you can pick the Bhotia Dog.

10. Himalayan bisben sheepdog

dog breeds in india

The Himalayan Bisben Sheepdog as its name referred is mostly found in the mountain region of the himalayas. This breed is quite known for its attentive and alert nature, which makes it the most suitable for guarding and herding jobs. However, there are various disputes going on about this breed that some claim that it belongs to the mastiff group while others claim that Bisben looks like Wolf. This indian breed is known by various names in the himalayan region such as Himalayan Shepherd, Indian Shepherd, Himalayan Bisben sheepdog, etc.

This dog breed has a furry coat that keeps it protective from the cold weather of the himalayan region. The height of this indian breed goes upto 26 inches which makes it look quite heavy. The weight and lifespan of this indian dog breed is around 45-54kgs and 10-14 yrs respectively. The litter size of this indian dog breed varies from 4-10 puppies at a time. So if you are residing in himalayan or mountain region then you can get this mastiff. The price of this breed ranges from 15k-25k depending upon various things.

Many of the Indian dog breeds are at the level of extinction because people mostly prefer foreign dog breeds over them. There are various groups and clubs running in India to revive these Indian dog breeds. So, if you are one of the pet lovers, then show your enthusiasm to these breeds when you get to see one next time.

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